The charts below contain the lux results of our data compilation over the course of the past few months. These tests took a lot of time and resources for which the whole team at Lightwerkz participated in. Thank you guys!

Notes: The projector testing was done in low beam mode only, as that is how drivers are using the projector system 99% of the time. Keep in mind, you will see much lower lux readings at the low beam mode, vs the high beam mode. All projectors can be further modified to increase lux to an extent; such as the example we supplied the other day on how to "boost" low beam intensity on the morimoto d2s 4.0 by 28%. Some of the results may shock you, but keep in mind max lux readings do not provide us with the whole "picture" - these are to be used for comparison purposes only. For example, projectors such as the EVOXR 2.0 come in at the highest low beam lux readings, but their width is not as good as projectors falling into the mid range. There is usually some sort of compromise when you are at the extremes, so its important to pick the best "all rounder".

Bulb testing was very interesting to say the least. Consistently we see the "5K" range out performing the "4.3K" range, expect for the CN light bulbs, which decreased as color temperature was increased. When it comes to the measurement of the bulb performance, It's important to keep in mind that the real question is how quickly the bulb degrades over time. With aftermarket bulbs, they will no doubt dim quicker over time vs an original bulb such as Philips or Osram. Want the best? You'll have to pay for it, because the "whiter" Philips/Osram bulbs come at the highest price points. These bulbs also come with the most precise capsules which means no mis alignment - which equals top performance and consistency.

Ballasts performed as expected. Nothing shocking truly stood out besides the boost in intensity when going to 50W, let alone the 75W which I do not recommend in any way. 

Lux testing & comparison

Bulb & ballast comparison

Project comparison

Bulb comparison