Frequently Asked Questions

Cutoff time is 3pm EST. Assuming we have all your parts in stock, the order should ship the same day. If you need a product by a specific date, please call us to find out if its possible to meet your deadline before ordering. Please be aware that there may be discrepancies with shipping calculators or “in stock” status of a product. 

Of course! As soon as your order is shipped you will receive a tracking notification through email. You can also always log into your account and check the tracking information on the order. 

Orders over $100 qualify for free shipping within the United States. We will chose the most economic method. If you need a product as quickly as possible, always best to chose an expedited shipping option. 

This happens frequently with US Postal Service. They state a package is delivered, but the receiver did not actually receive it. Usually the package ends up being delivered later in the day or the following day. Sometimes it’s been delivered with a neighbor, so please check. If a a day or two passes and there is no sign of the package, please go to your local postal office and have them investigate the missing package.  The good news is; most packages end up in the right hands!

No, our customers will be required to pay customs directly for any import fees associated with their order. 

Please add the item in your cart and proceed through the checkout process. The system will display all the options we offer, along with a price. 

Our primary major sales periods of the year are Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, and a Holiday Sale. Outside of that, please visit our Promotions page for coupon codes outside of these dedicated sales periods. 

You can find a list of current offers on the Promotions page. The codes cannot be applied during sales, and they cannot be combined with other promotional codes. Some products lines such as Diode Dynamics are excluded from all discount codes. 

Send us an email with a screen shot and link to the competitors listing. As long as we can verify that the listing is accurate, we should be able to price match for you. Amazon and eBay listings are excluded from price matching 

We allow up to 90 days from the original purchase date to return your item for an exchange or store credit. If you wish to return the product for a refund, we allow up to 45 days from the original purchase date. 

Customers are responsible for return shipping costs, unless of course we made an error when we shipped out the order. Please contact us if an error was made, we can send over a return label to the email address on file to begin the exchange process.

Please be advised that any free shipping promotions used on the original order will be forfeited if the order is returned and the original shipping costs (paid or unpaid) will also be deducted from the refundable amount.  Refunds can only be processed to the original payment method. Store credit will be sent through an email gift card, which you can apply to your next order with us. 

Our standard restocking fee structure is outlined below. Please refer to our exchange and refund policies for important timelines. 

Tier 1: Perfect condition. (Unopened & like-new) = 90% refund or 100% store credit. 
Tier 2: Re-conditionable. (Packaging opened or damaged) = 80% refund or 90% store credit.        
Tier 3: Inability to restock. (Product & packaging both damaged) = 70% refund or 80% store credit. 

If the part has been installed, and shows signs of use, we are unable to take the product back for an exchange or refund. Original Osram and Philips bulbs cannot be returned if the authenticity seal has been broken. Any special ordered item, such as a custom headlight conversion, is not eligible to be returned. 

The removal of the factory amber reflectors cleans up the look headlights. Amber pieces may be removed, replaced (if replacements are provided by customer) or painted. Pricing varies depending on application. Turn around for this service is usually same day. Pricing starts at $200 for a pair of headlights. This service can be included at no additional costs with other services.

*Includes Lens Cleaning & Morimoto RetroRubber Butyl Sealant Replacement
amber removal 1amber removal 2amber removal 3

Lightwerkz offers a wide variety of different paint styles and options. Semi-flat black is our most popular paint option, giving a factory like black-out appearance. We offer OEM Factory color match painting as well, we just need additional time to receive the paint if not in stock. All pieces are properly prepped before painting. A primer is added before the base coat, and a clear coat imay be applied afterward to your desired finish. Pieces are painted in a dust free paint room and a UV curing lamp is used to ensure the paint has cured before reassembly of the headlights. LightWerkz uses a HVLP Fuji Spray Gun system for professional, high quality results. We only use high quality automotive primers, base coats, and clear coats from PPG and SEM. Turn around time for this service is 3-5 business days.

*Pricing is reduced for painting during other services

*Includes lens cleaning and Morimoto RetroRubber Butyl Sealant Replacement

*Two tone paint scheme are available at an extra cost

*Painting costs will increase with mult-part headlight housings

$350 - Inner headlight housing refinishing *(pricing based on butyl rubber sealed headlights)
paint 1paint 2paint 3

Halos have grown in popularity over the years. We may mount the angel eyes on the factory housing if there is a circular portion which allows the ring to sit flush, or the halos can be mounted on a projector bezel or shroud. We have a few options for angel eyes these days depending on your make and model including switchback style (white/amber) , amber, and color changing rings using a remote controller. 

Warranty is for product only, the labor is not covered if there is a premature failure.
halo 1  halo 2  halo 3

Lightwerkz is able to restore your headlight lenses with our top of the line Metabo equipment and Menzerna polishing products! Restoring the headlight lenses can make your headlights look nearly new again. Each restoration receives Optimum Opti-Lens Nano Coating to protect the lenses. An excellent value added service we provide for any headlight. Both Stages include a 4 stage polishing procedure with rotary buffer. Please visit our Lens restoration Gallery!

$60 - Stage 1- Removes hazes, swirls, lights scuffs and restores with high degree of luster.

$420 - Stage 2 - Full wet sanding procedure before polishing to completely remove all scratches, pits, and imperfections found in the lens.

*We recommend having your local clear protection film installer add on the lens covering for protection.

You can count on Lightwerkz for professional and clean installations. No short cuts are taken; we treat your vehicle as if it were one of ours. Whether it's a HID projector conversion we just completed or an HID system that you purchased for us to install on your vehicle, we have you covered. We include a complimentary headlight alignment with all installations to make sure you are getting the most out of your new system. Installation service is charged accordingly at $125/hour.
install 1

Whether you have an issue with your current seal or just want to add some more after your service is completed, Lightwerkz will make sure the lights are sealed up properly. Adding additional sealant is protection against possible condensation issues. Lights without screws holding the housings together are more likely to experience condensation, consider this service when purchasing our headlight services. We use the highest grade Morimoto RetroRubber Butyl Sealant in any service that requires the lights to be opened, free of charge. If you currently have a troublesome set of headlights that experience condensation, contact us for a quote to replace the sealant and make your problems disappear.

HID Projector retrofitting requires you to provide a set of headlights for us to complete the final product, or we can provide a quote using new OEM headlights. Pricing includes set of headlights to be converted, not including any additional product, shipping, or surcharge fees. On site installation costs are generally not included in our quotes unless we know your are coming on site for the installation. All conversions come featured with a full craftsmanship and condensation warranty. Please read our Terms & Conditions section for more details.

HID Projector retrofitting allows us to convert your current headlights with the best available technology. This highly specialized service we offer involves installing HID projectors into reflector-based headlights, or if the car already comes with projectors, we can replace them with ones of better quality and performance. This allows the customer to obtain the absolute best performance available on the market without any compromises. These conversions are hand built by our team on a per order basis so you can count on the attention to detail and high levels of quality.

Majority of models will fall into a price range of $900-$1100 for a complete conversion, with parts and labor assuming the car did not come with original xenon headlights. 

Costs will vary depending on application type, sealant type, and parts used in the conversion. Please contact us directly for a quote on labor.

All conversions include the following to ensure a worry-free lifetime final product:

Morimoto RetroRubber butyl sealant replacement to prevent condensation and fogging.

Permanently mounted projector shrouds with epoxy, projectors affixed with screws, nuts, and epoxy once aligned.

Projector tweaking to enhance performance: sharpness, color, straightness, and intensity.

Fully plug and play operation on the customer's end; we set it up to make sure no runs to the local store are needed for parts, and no modifications such as splicing and/or cutting is needed on OEM equipment.

Fully weather sealed headlights, to prevent debris and/or water from getting inside.

Loomed wiring when possible to maintain a factory look.

Important information

*Quotes are valid for 10 days.

*Pricing is subject to change without notice. 
-Halogen Projector to HID Projector.
retro 1 retro 2
retro 3 retro 4
-Halogen Reflector to HID Projector.
retro 5 retro 6
retro 7 retro 8

LightWerkz offers a variety of high performance OEM and Aftermarket HID projector Systems. Browse our available projector choices!

Projectors are the single most important component in the performance you receive out of your HID projector conversion. There are many different options, but rest assured anything you see in our offerings is a great choice.

Get in touch with us to discuss projector choices for any given application. We have had experience with a variety of headlights so chances are we have a good recommendation on what can fit properly. If your headlight has a separate low and high beam bulb setup, only a single xenon conversion is needed. If the car uses a one bulb, low and high beam setup, a bi-xenon conversion is your only choice, unless the high beam function is sacrificed (not recommended).

We have narrowed our options down to these projectors below. You will notice we offer both aftermarket and OEM projectors, depending on your budget. We offer single xenon projectors and bixenon (both low and high beam function projector) to suit your specific needs.

All projectors are tweaked and modified for maximum performance if you have chosen Lightwerkz as your HID projector conversion service provider.

Popular options for single-xenon conversions feature the OEM Acura TSX, OEM Honda S2000, and OEM Lexus RX330 projectors.

Popular options for bi-xenon conversions feature the Morimoto Mini D2S 3.0 /H1 and FX-R Projectors. Our high-end OEM options include the Acura TL, Lexus RX350, and Lexus LS460.

We like to give projector suggestions depending on your application type, however it is important for you to make an educated decision on which project system you would like to use.

Not sure which projector is right for you? Contact us to discuss your options with our specialist! Please understand that each application may fit several different projectors or be limited to just one or two.
projector 1projector 2projector 3
projector 4 projector 5 projector 6

Lightwerkz offers a variety of projector shrouds to finish off your projector conversion with an OEM Style. Browse our available projector shrouds options!

Projector shrouds are the finishing pieces covering the projector, leaving only the projector lens exposed. Conversions will only need shrouds if the lights utilize a reflector based design.

Each shroud has different dimensions, so what may fit inside one light, may not necessarily fit inside another. Although considered a non-necessisty to some do-it-yourselfers, the projector shroud is really the part of the conversion that dictates the final look of your new projector conversion; its important it flows with the original headlight design to your liking. . Please keep in mind shrouds can be painted to any desired color for an extra charge.

All our projector shroud options feature a durable, long lasting finish. We do not sell any used or OEM shrouds, these are all brand new aftermarket shroud options.
shroud 1shroud 2shroud 3

Projector Modifications

Lens swaps can be performed and projectors may be tweaked to get the best results. All projectors provided by LightWerkz already include crystal clear lenses. Color modifications are included at no extra cost. We perform color modifications to the projectors only to the point at which the performance is not negatively affected, which can occur when it’s over done. Please keep in mind all projectors may have slightly different output, but once tweaks are done our goal is for the projectors to be very similar.

Angel Eyes, Demon Eyes, Strips

We offer a variety of LED angel eyes, demon eyes, and strip options that may be of intrest to you. Contact us to see what's possible!

Custom Painting

Painting any desired pieces such as housings, reflectors, and shrouds can customize the final look of the headlight conversion. This is where it really comes down to personal preference; the color scheme will ultimately determine the look of the final product. The lights can be made to look like they were a factory option, or you can have them custom painted to really set them apart from the rest of the crowd. Price may vary depending on the amount of painting requested. OEM color matched painting with a clear coat is also available at an extra cost. Amber reflectors can be removed, left alone, or painted so they blend in with the rest of the light. This usually ties everything together so the lights mesh well with the car. 
add 1add 2add 3

All our HID projector conversions require the use of HID bulbs to power the projectors. A full HID system (bulbs, ballasts, and wiring) will need to be used if your car did not originally come with HID lighting. If you already have a factory D2R system, or running a rebased HID system, only a set of bulbs and adapters may be required. Browse our available HID systems.

Lightwerkz offers a wide selection of OEM and Morimoto HID systems.

Safely power up your HID system with one of our performance maximizing wiring harnesses. Easy plug and play fitment makes installation a breeze; especially knowing it’s all properly wired puts you at ease!

A deposit is required to get your order started; the rest is due upon completion of the headlight conversion. While we may have a short waiting list to get your order in the door, we can assure you the wait is worth it in the end and that you will be fully satisfied with your purchase! Once the lamps arrive at our location the turn around time is usually between 3-10 business days. We can work with customers to get retrofits complete quicker if done on location or customers that need a rapid fast turn around time. You are responsible for any shipping or import fees to and from our location as a customer. Final invoice will be mailed out via email which includes a shipping cost to return the lights to you. 

As always, customers are more then welcome to supply their own parts for conversions and we can supply the labor.

We offer OEM quality by creating a final product using the finest engineering and the magical Lightwerkz touch! Working with our customers on an individual basis we can truly come up with ultimate automotive lighting setup. Other companies may offer cheaper options, but remember you get what you pay for when it comes to automotive lightning. Do not settle for inferior substitutes!

To get started, please contact us to get a deposit payment request sent out via email through Paypal or we can take credit card information over the phone.

We offer products from a handful of different manufacturers. Warranty coverage will vary between product lines so please go to the product in question and the warranty coverage will be stated in the listing. 

Please contact our customer service department directly to setup a warranty claim. We will assist with troubleshooting to identify what needs to be replaced. Often times there is no need to return the defective part, and a new unit can be shipped to you in exchange for a field-destroyed photo of the original, though some exclusions apply (per the manufacturer's policies).

1) The following brands accept field-destroy coverage:






GTR Lighting


Xenon Depot


2) The following brands must be returned prior to replacement:



Diode Dynamics

3) The following product lines must be returned if not serviceable from afar:

Morimoto XB LED Complete Headlights

If a component that's part of a kit or assembly has failed, we will gladly replace the affected part, but not the entire system, as that's unnecessary. If a bulb fails in less than one year, a single bulb will be replaced. If a bulb fails after one year, but still within the warranty period, we will issue a set of two bulbs to ensure color consistency.

If you have owned the product for more than 45 days, we are unable to issue a refund in lieu of a replacement. 

If a product has been discontinued, we will offer the current equivalent of the same product and offer a discounted price on the second unit to match. If no equivalent exists, we can provide store credit equal to your original purchase price. 

We will cover shipping charges if the product has failed within 30 days. After 30 days, customers are responsible for shipping charges relating to the warranty claim. If expedited shipping is required, please let us know as we can discuss the additional costs with you. 

We do not have a confirmation that a product fits your vehicle, it may not be listed. That does not mean we do not have something that should fit. Please contact us directly to have a list of recommendations offered to you. 

We work with many shops across the country. Please reach out to us and we may point you in the right direction if you are looking to work with a local service provider. Please keep in mind we offer mail in services for customers around the world. 

Yes we offer on site installation services at our facility in Oakland, NJ. Please be mindful that generally we are booked 2-3 weeks in advance. We only take a limited amount of installations per week. If you cancel your appointment, you will be provided a new date which may be a few weeks later than your original requested date. If you miss your appointment without giving us any notice, please do not contact us to reschedule. 

Most installation guides are now digital. We also have great videos on our YouTube channel if you want some extra tips and tricks! Please contact us for assistance so you aren’t left frustrated and scratching your head.